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Amjad Alsaboory Iraqi film director

Amjad Alsaboory (Arabic: أمجد الصابوري‎‎; born 7 June 1991) is a movie producer, film director and screenwriter of Arabic origin.

Early life
Alsaboory was born and raised in Baghdad, where he spent most of his childhood. He has two sisters and a brother who known as a video editor in Arabic movie fraternity.

In 2008, Alsaboory started working as visual editor at Star TV in Syria for whom he made video clips. Two years later, he worked at a different company called “Middle East Art Production and Distribution”. Subsequently, Alsaboory moved to Jordan where he worked as visual editor at Eye Vision Production. He montaged video-clips, movies and series for Arabic singers. In 2013, Alsaboory moved to Sydney, Australia where he established his own production company “Alsaboory Brothers” along with his brother Rani Alsaboory. Since then he has started working as a Director. He directed various advertisements and videoclips including a national song to the Iraqi football team during the world Asian Cup in Australia.

Television serials
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Year Film Role
2009 Raghba Motawahesha Producer
2010 Wekalat.Al-Balah Executive Producer
2012 حب الطريقة (Love the way) Director

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