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Did You Know That The Quality Of Your Music Videos Can Make Or Break Your Music Career?

Music Video Directors Sydney

Music Video Directors Sydney. Not everyone is a regular Tv watcher now a days. As a result, people are missing out on plenty of music videos that are continuously being broadcasted on VH1 or MTV. So, there are plenty of audiences who decides to watch a video on the YouTube or other video platforms after hearing it on the radio, other social networking sites or because it might be one of their favorite song performed by one of their favorite artists. In 2007, Leona Lewis’s song, ‘Bleeding Love’ was a massive hit. The song had chart-busting success and did great business selling like hot cakes globally. and so, the music video directors came in line to direct a video. The music video was launched immediately for greater recognition. However, the video did not resonate the same way the song did. Lots of fans were disappointed as they feel the video did not do just to the song especially due to its abrupt ending and failure to successfully depict the actual meaning of the song.

Some Interesting Examples of Good and Bad Music Videos

This can be taken as an example to show that how much effect a properly directed music video can have on the audiences. It can seriously make or break a song. Another example that can be added here is Jenifer Lopez’s “Do It Well” music video. It was critically panned and the director David Chapelle took the blame for the whole video.Then you get amazing videos such as Me Against The Music by Britney Spears and Crazy In Love By Beyonce that were well received and the videos went perfectly well with the songs. Although music video is a form of art and has its own space and creative freedom however, a video can certainly play a large role in breaking the popularity of a song. If not well played, the videos can work against it too.

Some Personal Intake on The Directional Approach

It is understandable that some music video directors and producers have a very hard time creating great music videos, as it is quite difficult to tell a wonderful story in just about 3-5 minutes. One of the main mistakes that they often do is overthink with the videos, resulting in disaster. They also take the songs away from the context of the song making the audiences feel alienated from the song’s true feelings. As a result, when you love a song dearly by heart, it can instantly turn absurd when you find the music video to be quite different from what you have actually imagined it.
As a professional music video director in Sydney, I personally feel that the best music videos are the ones that are simple with the artist singing with a little bit of the story put together in the background. For example, Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”.
This post is written to let aspiring artists and directors know that there are picky fans who can seriously hate a video. A poor quality, out of context video can severely damage the reputation of the artist and the director as well. So why make a disaster? Choose interesting topic and try to stay relevant to the song.